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    This item is heat sensitive. It is only available for purchase between October 1st and June 14th. We temporarily discontinue the item during the summer months, from June 15th - September 30th, because it ​might melt or spoil during transit.

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    التقييمات | English
    تصنيف حسب

    Great taste

    تم نشره من طرف 5699484365578879076 في Aug 19, 2012

    I have been having soy and dairy allergy and had avoided from any kind of chocolate bar for over a year. This is just an awesome after-lunch treat for me to enjoy. The taste is great. Thank you.

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟


    تم نشره من طرف 4861042578922180090 في Feb 11, 2014

    Tasty, my children like it

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    Love this one

    تم نشره من طرف 5070144650957160046 في Jul 15, 2014

    Love this one, its sweet enought and crunchy. A good snuck for me

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    good chocolate without milk

    تم نشره من طرف 5402934995558311211 في Nov 09, 2013

    This is a very good product for us who is allergic to milk. It tastes very similar to milk chocolate and with it's crunchy twist it is very good with a cup of tea ;)

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    from Norway

    تم نشره من طرف Reviewer1802418 في Jan 25, 2015

    good fore kids that don't tolerate milk

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟


    تم نشره من طرف tinatherese في Apr 20, 2013


    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    a lovely treat!

    تم نشره من طرف 4721754302888475881 في Jul 08, 2012

    These give that well-known national brand of milk chocolate candy bar with the crispy rice in it a run for its money, for sure! Very tasty, breaks easily and nicely into sections so you can share, if you want. (but it's so yummy, you may not want to!) Creamy, and soy free (my main concern) when it's so hard to find any kind of chocolate bar that doesn't contain soy lecithin!

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    Pretty good

    تم نشره من طرف 5122120332997987158 في Jul 22, 2012

    A bit strange taste, but pretty good for a person who cannot eat dairy chocolate.

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    nice snack

    تم نشره من طرف Reviewer1446960 في Jan 13, 2012

    i liked the crunch good tasting i wish it came in dark chocolate may order in the future, if husband wants his milk chocolate fix

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

    Very good..!

    تم نشره من طرف Reviewer1109932 في Oct 17, 2011

    A very tasty chocolate. My daughter, five years old loved it!

    هل كان هذا التقييم مفيد بالنسبة لك؟

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